Draad 3

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In already the third part of the ‘Draad’! ‘Draad’ 3 is’ about knitting and color.

How do you actually work with color?
The basis is the well-known color theory by Johannes Itten. Then ‘Draad’ 3 will explain step by step how you can apply the color theory in practice.

After two chapters on color theory and chapters with knitting techniques that lend themselves well to working with color follow, slipped stitches, mosaic, intarsia knitting (also in the round) and Fair Isle. f course there are projects in the book, so you can practice the techniques and theory well.

As you are used to from the ‘Draad’! books, this part is also provided with many and clear images. The color circle is shown on the inside of the back cover so you can use the circle with your book open.

“We have written this book in the hope that, with the theory in mind, you will get started with colors and techniques.” Knit a lot of samples, combine, choose, change and create your own “color documents”. You will discover, just as we did in the making of this book, that working with color invites to… even more working with color!”

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