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Hiber knitting contains 6 cartridges for when you want a bit more warmth.
All this, of course, Steven Wests in colorful shades and with advice on how to give it your own twist.

Patterns, 2 scarves, 1 color block cowl, 2 hats and a graphic top down sweater.

In his own words:
“The collection features West’s signature graphic designs, garter stripes and angular chevrons, knit-purl texture and neutral-with-a-pop color choices.

West has collaborated with German visual artist Stefan Gunnesch to reimagine the knitwear of Hiberknitting in mixed-media collage, opening the book with a gallery of lush, striking images that give Westknits fans a new insight into the designer’s multi-disciplinary creative practice.”

Cozy Corner Shawl
Hiberknitting Cowl
Hiberknitting Hat
Night Nook Sweater
Slumber Shawl
Snow Flurries Hat
size: A5 (148 x 210 mm), 68 pages
type: paperback

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