‘The Coloured Cat’ is my own brand of hand dyed yarn, and I’m Marijke Lennards. I use animal-friendly yarns that I purchase from environmentally conscious and animal-friendly spinners in Europe. The dye I use is synthetic and meets the environmental requirements in Europe. I use acid dyes which are only suitable for wool and silk. When dying, I make sure that the dye baths are exhausted, this results in multiple use of the same dye bath. When the dye bath has to be disposed of, the water is clear and with soda I’ll make it ph neutral. 

If you see a colour you love, but would like it on a different yarn quality, please contact me, I’ll be happy to dye it for you. Please note, each yarn quality absorbs the dye differently and not all colors (eg Speckles) work equally on all yarn qualities, so the color is never 100% the same.

If you want to know more about those weights , read the blog I have devoted to it.

There are several qualities available, below you can select by yarn name. You can also search by weight and composition via the filters on the left.