About Recht en Averecht

In 2009 during my freelance work as a fashion designer I have, among other things: designed hand knitted clothing for a slow fashion brand, it was very difficult to get good, honest and beautiful materials. During this period (I knitted a lot in my teenage years in the 80s) my knitting virus was rekindled and I wanted more. This has resulted in a one-man business, Recht en Averecht.

In November 2011, the webshop went online with a small range of fair trade and organic yarns and a number of patterns developed by me. After having for 2 years a pop-up store at 3 locations in addition to the web store, I settled down in the Modekwartier in Arnhem in October 2016. The range keeps growing, but the approach to include or exclude yarns is always subject to how the manufacturer treats people, the environment and animals. That’s not to say that I only include certified yarns in the range, because manufacturers who are committed to doing everything the best they can should also have a push to keep going there. I still design patterns, although that has become an ‘extreme slow fashion’ item with al the work at the shop and web store. In the meantime I also dye some of the yarns under the name The Colored Cat.

About me, Marijke Lennards: I studied fashion design at the Artez Academy in Arnhem. After graduating in 1991, I worked for various companies as a clothing designer and product supervisor for many years. And now owner and founder of Recht en Averecht and The Colored Cat.

Marijke Lennards