Malabrigo Arroyo KAL – Mondiola Wrap Kits

82,00 incl. btw

I have added 5 new kits, kit 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25


The Mondiola Wrap is a pattern published by Malabrigo for the Malabrigo Arroyo KAL that ran from Feb 15 to March 15. In the newsletters you could see photos of kits assembled by me and you could only order them by e-mail due to time constraints.

The Wrap is too nice not to knit even though the KAL has ended, so the kits can now also be ordered via the website. In the unlikely event that a kit is sold out, you will receive an email from me with a comparable proposal.

TIP! You need 4 skeins for the pattern, 2 times color A (first in the picture), 1 time color B and 1 time color C. Almost all the yarn is used, on Ravelry you can see in the comments that some people are too short came .

To be on the safe side, I knitted the pattern on 4 mm needles (instead of 4.5 mm) and did not use double yarn overs, but single yarn overs. I only had a 60 cm thread of color B left, Color A was sufficient and Color C was also just sufficient.

The pattern is in English and available via Ravelry klick here for the pattern of the Mondiola Wrap. Klick on projects to see colorcombinations of others

You will receive 2 skeins of the first color (left) in the photo.


Of course you can also choose a color combination yourself click here for the separate Arroyo skeins.