Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles, SOCK sets

100,00110,00 incl. btw

These interchangeable sock needle sets contain extra thin interchangeable needles, the so-called miniature needles with accompanying cables, and are specially designed for the sock knitter. You can choose from 2 sets, the ‘normal’ and the ultimate set

The normal set contains the following items:
3 x Miniature 5″ (12.5cm) tips in 2.0 mm, 2.25mm and 2.5 mm
2 x Small 4 ″ (10 cm) tips in 2.75 mm and 3 mm
4 x Miniature cables: 2 x 60 cm, 1 x 80 cm, 1 x 100 cm
2x Interchangeable Tip Adapter (Small to Miniature) for attaching the Miniature cables to the Small needles.
2 x Needle grips for tightening and loosening the needle tips.

The ultimate set contains these EXTRA items in addition to everything from the normal set:
2x Small 4 “(12.5cm) tips in 3.25 and 3.5mm
1x sheep needle gauge
1x ‘yarn ball’ stitch marker

The sets consist of stainless steel needles so suitable for people with a nickel allergy.
Sets can be backordered, delivery time depends on stock at the supplier and takes at least 2 weeks.