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A real beginner scarf, if you can knit straight and purl you can do this too.
The scarf is knitted from the bottom (short side) upwards.
By changing the simple stitches you get nice structure.
Size: ± 53 cm x 132 cm

For this size, 6 balls of Fonty Genghis Khan 3 were used in color 301

The size is easily adjustable, wider or narrower, start with more or fewer stitches. Longer or shorter, repeat the pattern more or less often. The yarn consumption will then deviate.
If your stitch ratio is different, that is not a big problem, as long as the knit falls smoothly (the size may turn out differently).

If you have more stitches per 10 cm than indicated in your gauge sample, increase the needle size. If you have less stitches, take a needle size smaller, sometimes a 0.25 mm can make enough difference.

– 1200 m fingering or sock weight yarn (300 gram Fonty Ghengis Khan 3)
– knitting needles 3 mm
– darning needle