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After the successful Penguin, the second book by Ana Maltz is now out!
“Marlisle: A New Direction in Knitting”

Marlisle, is a technique designed by Anna where you knit patterns with two colors. Sometimes you knit them alone and sometimes mixed together, this creates three colors that form a pattern together.

Anna is known for her colorful and quirky patterns that are super clever and are fun to knit.
Perhaps you know her from the Pom Pom Magazine for which she writes a collum and sometimes a pattern, or from her previous book Penguin.

She herself says about Marlisle:
Marlisle is a word I made up for this technique of knitting. It mushes together ‘marl’, the term for two yarns being worked together and the ‘isle’ from fairlisle for the stranded colourwork aspect of it. I’ve done a lot of research and haven’t come across this technique being used. The few bits out there haven’t been under a united banner (as in, there hasn’t been a name for it), so I added Marlisle to the mix to help to identify it in the future.

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