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Lopi yarns are made by the Istex company based in Iceland. They use the Icelandic sheepskin to make all their Lopi yarns.

The Icelandic sheep has a coat that consists of 2 types of fiber, a long shiny one on the outside and a soft short well-insulated fiber on the inside.
Because of the Icelandic climate, the sheep’s fur is very warm, sturdy and waterproof. As a result, the yarns initially feel stiff, but become softer during processing.

The Lettlopi is very suitable for making (Icelandic) sweaters but also for warm blankets.

We do not yet have all available colors in stock. If you miss a color, send an email, I will gladly order it for you.

100% pure Icelandic wool
50 gr / 100 m / 109 yds
needle 4 – 5 mm

Hand wash cold, dry flat