Knitsonik Stranded Colourwork Playbook

29,95 incl. btw

Felicity Ford the writer of the ‘KNITSONIK stranded colorwork sourcebook has now released two books to complement and expand her first book.

The Stranded Colorwork Playbook provides inspiring possibilities to apply patterns found in everyday life to hand knitting. You learn to translate the colors and textures from your environment and to experiment with them. To enlarge or to reduce and how to apply in eg a cowl or in a scarf.

The Playbook coloring Companion, is your help in finding the right color combinations by means of coloring pictures, these two books are the perfect combination.

Because you get a digital download code with both books, you can use the coloring pages of the ‘Companion’ book several times to find the right color compinations.


This pattern book is available in English.

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