Draad 2

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‘Draad’ 2, circular knitting is the second book in a series of (from now on) 3 books on knitting. Dutch language only.

This second book from the Thread! series is about circular knitting. How do you do it? Which set-up and edging technique is best to use? How do you shape your circular knitting? Explaining Fair Isle knitting and how to do it. Cutting your knitting is explained in words and pictures, so scary, no dont’ worry.

Color and stripes are also discussed in this book: “we show you how to make Helix stripes and how to knit straight “regular” stripes”. And then there is the sock, we explain both the cuff-first and the toe-first method.

In between the chapters we give you a number of projects with patterns, from simple to difficult. There are two Fair Isle patterns, a beautiful mitten and a beautiful turtleneck or shawl.

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