‘Club Geluk’ and the Secret of knitted ham and more bizarre knits! Only in Dutch

‘Club Geluk’ and the Secret of knitted ham and more bizare knits. Only in Dutch

Yes, 128 pages full of knitting patterns from knitted lipsticks, sneakers, peanut butter, crockery and much more, beautiful photography, inspiration and some necessary nonsense here and there.

In 2014, Club Geluk commissioned HEMA to make a candlestick, ice skates, ham and more for four of their brochures.
They were mailed constantly for the patterns. Finally there is now the book. In addition to the recipe for the knitted ham, there are many more bizarre knits in this book. ll knitted as realistically as possible and sometimes a bit crocheted. Reproducing rarities and trivialities of yarn in as much detail as possible makes it funny and beautiful. Because you don’t expect it. This creates the humor, the confusion whether something is real or not. Sometimes it is corny, sometimes it is arty. nd really, it is not that difficult.